Born in the city of Asenovgrad -  a city whose population includes Turkish, Roma and Greek minorities, since his early childhood he came into contact with the culture, way of life, relations between these minorities as well as their coexistence with the majority – the Bulgarian ethnic group. After obtaining a Master's degree in Crisis and Conflict Management, he commenced work in the non-governmental sector. After 2006 he won a competition conducted by the Municipality of Plovdiv for the position of "Head of Department for Ethnic, Demographic and Religious Activities". Currently, he continues to work at the Municipality of Plovdiv as a District Deputy Mayor. He is actively engaged with the population of the four ethnic neighbourhoods of the city of Plovdiv and for the past 20 years he has been working in the field collecting materials for these populations. He is doing active research work on the way of life, culture, religion of and relationships between the Roma minority in the neighborhoods of the city of Plovdiv and the other ethnic groups in the city. He is in the process of writing a dissertation related to the mapping of the ethnic neighborhoods of the city of Plovdiv, research on their life-cycle as well as the religion, traditions and customs of this population. The dissertation  is being prepared under the academic guidance of Professor Maria Schnitter, PhD, DSc. Krassimir Asenov's research interests include geourbanistics, ethnodemography, ghettoized urban structures, the resolution and management of ethno-confessional conflicts and crises.