In 1990 Craig Sibthorpe (UK) and Milena Sibthorpe (BG) met in a very large pentecostal church in america. We got married and lived for 10 years in the uk. Craig is a civil engineer and milena an artist. During this time our 2 daughters were born.
During that time we worked in children and pray departments in my fathers/ now my brothers non denominational charismatic church. [1]. We also did preaching and teaching from the bible.
In 2001 we moved the family to plovdiv, bulgaria and have lived here ever since. This is when we started working with the Roma.
Over the years we have worked in several locations in and around plovdiv with the Roma. We have built churches, run a child sponsorship programme, NGO, a football team, bible school, we have been to their weddings and funerals and still are very involved with this people group.
Currently Craig goes back and forth doing civil engineering contracts, we also run a Bulgarian church, [2] and we work very closely with two Roma pastors meeting with them most weeks.